They are the first inmates of aswasa bhavan . They came from a broken family. Their father was in prison for a murder case and mother discarded Sindhu and Unny.When their father came on parole he married another women. She is very smart in all her activities . Now sindhu got married settle in kuwait she is a nurse . Unny completed his ITC Electronics and now practicing as a technician


lakshmi got arrested at Trivandrum airport for smuggling drugs. She was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. She was pregnant at the time of arrest. Rajan was born in the central jail. When Rajan was 1½ years old his mother was shifted to the Neyattinkara Vanitha Jail. As it is against the law to keep children above the age of 5 in jails, Rajan was transferred to Aswasa Bhavan on the condition that he will be allowed to meet his mother in jail at least once in a month. Rajan's father Arman also a Srilankan has not yet written a single letter to Lakshmi. Her relatives have not contacted her. She has no other option but to keep Rajan at Aswasa bhavan. Now Rajan doing CA. His mother went back to srilanka ..


Dindigal district of Tamilnadu. He had come to Kerala in search of work. He was involved in the murder of a lady called Bhavani Kunjamma a native of Thripunithura. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The relatives of Jayagopalan threw out Manimeghala and her mother Meenakshi from their house blaming them for the misfortune that had befallen on Jayagopalan. Meenakshi soon became a TB patient and died. Manimeghala began begging to support herself. Her father came to know about this but he was helpless. It was then MR. Joseph Mathew visited him in Veyoor Central Jail. She completed her BA enconimcs and accountancy


Ginto and george witnessed the murder of their mother by father at the early ages .The blood shatterd to ginto faces . At first they were protected by their relatives and neighbours. Their eye witness brought father sentenced to death now ginto doing optometry course in eranakulam and george in tenth grade ..


When sajimol killed her daughter , unnikuttan was in her womb . Her attempt of suicide didn’t success thus she was sent to jail and gave birth to unnikuttan there itself . As the jail rule doesn’t permit to keep children of prisoners above 5 years unnikuttan come under shelter of aswasabhavan now he is in 7thgrade in gireedipam school


Aleena and appu were first caught by public when their father tried to sell them for 1 lac ks to a lottery seller afetr his wife committed suicide . By the order of pala sub court the children were adopted to aswasabhavan now aleena is in 2nd grade she is one brighest student in her class and appu as the youngest one in aswasabhvan

ALPHINE (appu)

Appu kuttan was born to Ms.Seena . Seena was caught for standing with a Doctor couple who brutally sacrificed their eldest daughter for the mere price of a superstitious treasure. On 21 Nov,2003 Seena, who was 5 months pregnant , was sentenced for life imprisonment by the Pathanamthitta fast magistrate court. Appu kuttan was bought to Aswasa Bhavan on 28 July, 2008 and he is doing his primary school at present