Aswasabhavan means a home of comfort . It is registered insitution with State and Central Government This a home for the Rehabiltation of prisoners children it is the only of its kind .When father or mother in jail ,their children suffer not because of their fault. There is no one look after or to give them shelter they miss their education and care they may misled and encage in crimes. Here arise the importantance of aswasabhavan. Aswasabhavn provide them maximum care and education . It is started in 1987 and inaguarated by Hon.Justice Mr K.T.Thomas in the presence of shri K.M Mathew (Malayala Manorama) and Shri Oomen Chandy . Joseph had gone away from the good life during his successful accounting practice. Addicted to different substance abuse, Joseph came to brink of death. Llater he was corrected and dedicated his life for the full time work for the wounded and rejected. At present there are more than 50 children, both male and female who experience the magic of love and care. All these children get the richest opportunities for their education, career and social life. Aswasa bhavan does not consider any caste or creed. Organizers of the institution Mr. and Mrs.Joseph Mathew treat all the children as their own. These children live along with their own children Moses and Miriam.


A reading club, sports club and debating club have been formed to find and develop the inborn talents. These clubs helps the children to be confident and capable members of the society. During vacation Aswasa bhavan arranges tours and outings. During all holidays the children are taken for short trips. Children who are interested in sports and music are given special coaching. They are given training in music, dance, painting etc. And are also given opportunities to perform in public competitions. The children of Aswasa bhavan have received several prizes in various school and college level competitions. The inmates are divided into four groups with a group leader. A behavioural chart is maintained for each child .It helps to create a positive personality. Children are encouraged to write letters to their parents in the jail, at least once in a month.


There is a very dynamic and dedicated committee to manage the functions properly.

  • Consultant pediatricians
  • Vocational trainers
  • Catering staff
  • Volunteers